Thursday, 18 September 2014

Stumble Rewards in Superpoints what to do or not to do

Stumble rewards: if you are not a member yet first join superpoints and then you can use stumble as well.
I received some questions about what to do and not do in stumble rewards the new way to win points in Superpoints just like the superbutton.
First of all keep it nice and clean, don't post referral link they will be stripped to the basic link and it will count as a frown if you do so.

I contacted Superpoints to get more info and this is what the told me.

There are no real rules currently. However, the best general rule is to post fun, interesting things that other people might love.

1) If you post something and get too many frowns, you won't be able to post again for awhile
2) If you post something and get a lot of loves, you will earn Superpoints (so post fun, interesting things)
3) Every "discover" is a chance to win (just like the SuperLucky Button).

They will be tweaking the algorithms over the coming weeks to try and match people with the things that we think they'll like most, which we know by whether you click on love or frown. If you click on love or frown on everything then you're surely going to see things you don't love.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems please reply on this post, on Facebook or send an message to Superpoints  All comments posted on this blog or on our Facebook pages will be forwarded to Superpoints.

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