Saturday, 11 October 2014

Bargain Argan Oil

Bargain Argan Oil

A while a go I did a review on this product and I soon have to buy a new bottle.


Bargain Argan oil can be used for a lot of things, a lot of the ladies us it for their hair but this time I tested it so this will be a review by man for man, of course ladies can read this and I think use it just like man can do.
First of all a lot of a the men out there don't like to use a lot of stuff for their face I started to use the Bargain Argan oil on my face and I think i will never want something else. My skin can be dry on on certain spots, every morning 1 use a couple drops of the oil and put in on my face and my skin feels great. A lot of men and I'm pretty sure women to that are shaving their Facebook or other parts know that it sometimes is hard to shave without making scratches and having red rash after shaving.
When I shave my self I always used shaving cream but now I use Bargain Argan oil and it works perfect for me after shaving my face it feels amazing and no more bandages for me.
1 final thing I really want to tell is the use of the Bargain Oil for my feet. On a regular base I have damaged feet and with the oil (only a few drups) it is over.

The oil comes in a little plastic bottle no expensive packages simple and clean.

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