Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Stumble Rewards in Superpoints

Stumble Rewards is part of Superpoints.

If you want to use Stumble Rewards you need to be a member of Superpoints.

Superpoints is invite only. You can use an invite like mine https://www.superpoints.com/superpointsfansite or you can go to the website without an invite signup but then you have to wait until somebody want to sponsor you.

Only Platinum and Diamond members can sponsor people to become a superpoints member.
Everybody can invite people with his/hers invite link.

When you have signup Stumble rewards can be find in the superpoints menu.

Stumble rewards is a website that will let you discover new websites. You can see new website by clicking on the discover button or if you refresh the website.

For every time you click on the discover button you will get XP which will help you to level up in Superpoints.

The amount of XP depends on you Karma. Beside the XP you can earn (random) points if you click on the discover button, just like you click on the lucky button.

Because new members don't get a lot of lucky button spins Stumble is the way to level up quicker.

If you are in Stumble Rewards you can like or frown a page.

You like a page when you really like it. Frown is to be used when you really don't like the page and don't want to see it any more.

So don't frown if something is not your cup of tea (like people who don't like soccer). If that happens click on discover and go to the next page.

Stumble has two more option both on the right side of the website. number one the arrow let you share pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The last button + gives you the opportunity to add websites yourself. There are some rules 1 is no porn (your account will be canceled.) keep it nice and clean for the rest post only website addresses with out referral links.

This is a short explanation about what Stumble rewards is and how it can help you in Superpoints.

if you have more questions please go to The Superpoints fansite and post your question

to become a member click here

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