Saturday, 25 October 2014

Legerweb great survey program for Canadians


Special for Canadians is Legerweb a survey website only for canadians.
I just did a Simple survey and received a dollar You need $20 to redeem that's not that high I think you can reach that in a reasonable time Do you want to join?
please use this invite and join If you want extra money then join.
This is a little bit more info about the company, taken from their website.
Consumers are empowered by the internet and the adoption rate in North America clearly reflects the importance for companies of being able to reach people anywhere, anytime at a fast pace. Founded in 2004 by Leger Marketing, our panel is now the largest Canadian-owned Web Panel with 400,000 active and representative members across Canada.
However, this is only the beginning of the opportunities emerging from the development of the digital canvas with mobility hitting the critical mass and transforming customers’ behaviour from How are you to Where are you.
The team has developed the tools to interact in real-time with its panellists while fully understanding their mobility through its iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android applications allowing them to access our portal and the community panels managed by team merges IT, polling, and customer satisfaction expertise to ensure each panel member benefits from a highly engaging online experience and has the motivation to interact with our web community.
Thanks Erik

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