Friday, 3 October 2014

Superlucky mail Friday October 3 2014

Superpoints® News

 SuperLucky Button Updates

Still having some issues with the button on some browser / operating system combinations but we know what the problem is and we're working to fix it. Thanks to all of you who helped diagnose the issues.

 Last chance for Platinum Memberships!!! This is the last day to sign up for a Platinum Membereship for a bit as we're in the process of implementing Paypal for payments.

Also, this is the last day for SP 4000 when you upgrade so make sure you do it today!.

Paypal: You asked for it! We've had many requests for Paypal, both for payments and redemptions and we're working on it.

We will release Paypal Payments next week and follow that with Paypal redemptions in the Reward Catalog.

If you are not a member yet feel free to use my invite

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