Friday, 20 February 2015

Gluten Free Cookbook: 60 Easy Gluten Free Recipes Review and Giveaway

Gluten Free Cookbook: 

60 Easy Gluten Free Recipes 

Review and Giveaway (paperback)

 I like honest and healthy food I always try to give my family healthy food and if you don't really need something or for some people can't stand something why use it. This is one of the reasons I wanted to Review the Gluten Free Cookbook with 60 easy gluten free recipes. Another reasons to review the book is that I love to cook and most of all I like to prepare food.
The Gluten Free Cookbook is available in e-book and paperback. I received the e-book for this review and for me that is great because if you put the ebook on your mobile device like your Ipad you all can use it wherever you are.

The book start with some “FUNDAMENTALS OF A GLUTEN FREE DIET”, What is Gluten and who should avoid gluten. After this little serious part the fun begins. With amazing Recipes.
This book is separated in chapters  starting with breakfast and will end with some great smoothies.
Every recipe description tells you for how many serves it is and per serving how many calories, fat, protein, sodium, fiber and carbohydrates it contains. It also tells you what you need and gives a easy and quick description how to make it receipe.

If I start with which recipe's i like we will get quite a list but I will pick a couple.
First of all I love smoothies and make one with fruit everyday but I never used anything else and If you buy the book you will see that you can use a lot of other things like spices (never thought of that) the Banana Spice smoothie is so good.
I also like the Vanilla Madeleines I din't have time yet to make them but I really are looking forward to make them soon.

My favourite chapters of the book are the vegetables and salads I really like meat, chicken or finish but often we love to eat only vegetables and salads and this book will help you with great ideas like their interpretation of the of the Greek salad with the Gluten Free Greek salad we all know a Greek salad but this one  only uses all kinds of vegetables, salads and dressing and that makes it a fresh, healthy Gluten free Vegetarian meal.

The book ends with a very handy Standard U.S. and Metric measurement conversions list this makes that you can use the book allover the world and maybe even better it makes it a gift which everybody can use.

End conclusion for this book: a great book with easy recipes that are very healthy and easy to make even if you are not a Kitchen Prince or Princess.
You can buy the ebooks or paperbacks via these amazon links:

I happy to tell you that we can giveaway 8 e-books to people all over the world.

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