Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Superpoints Lucky email for Wednesday February 4 2015

Superpoints Lucky email for Wednesday February 4 2015

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SuperLucky Mail™
Superpoints® News
Upgrade to Platinum for more Rewards!
Plainum Members are averaging over 800 Bonus Superpoints® per month (and growing)!
  • Unlock EVERY reward in your reward tier
  • Get your rewards fulfilled 100% faster
  • New members added your network automatically (and get bonus Superpoints®)
Only $14.95 Per Year!

Upgrade to Platinum today! -->
NEW! 10% Network Points Payout!
You asked for it! Now when the Members in your Networkcomplete an Offer, you'll get 10% of the points they receive as well! Watch your Balance to see if your friends are earning, and if not, give them a nudge or simply Invite some more -->
Daily Click Surprise!
Now once a day you can get a bonus Superpoint when you click the Daily Click Surprise link. We'll show you a cool site that we think you'll like, and you'll get a point!  Give it a try today -->
Take your daily survey for faster rewards!
If you haven't taken a survey yet you're missing out on great points! Sometimes you don't qualify, but even then you get points too!  You should take a surevy every day -->
Win Superpoints and discover great sites with Stumble Rewards™
You have a chance to win with every great new site that you discover. And if you submit sites for others to find, if they like it you'll get Superpoints too! But watch out, if you submit sites that enough people don't like, you won't be able to submit anymore. Give it a try today -->
Did you click the SuperLucky Button™ today?
Did you konw that when you win on the SuperLucky Button that your sponsor gets points too? That also means that when your recruits win, you get points (up to 1000 wins per recruit)! Give it a click -->
What is SuperLucky Mail™?
SuperLucky Mail™ is a way for you to discover great new offers and products, and find out about important Superpoints® system notifications and information. Every day (almost) you should receive a SuperLucky Mail™. Opening the email provides you with a chance to win. If you won it will show up in your Balance.

You are required to receive this email as a condition of your Membership. You may choose to unsubscribe at any time, but your Membership will be cancelled. Also, if you click the 'spam' or 'junk' button in your browser, your Membership will be cancelled and all your Points will forfeited.

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