Saturday, 21 February 2015

Picture Collage Maker For Mac

Today's review is about Picture Collage maker for Mac. You can start with a free download or direct buy Picture Collage maker for mac via this link If you are a Windows users visit this link

What is Picture Collage maker for Mac: An easy and quick collage maker for Mac to turn your digital photos into awesome photo collages with limitless creativity.
And I agree with that Picture collage maker for Mac is very simple to download and install and after that it almost get easier. Wow in second you have great photo collages. 
My first try out was this collage of planters my company sell and I made it in a couple of minutes and will use it on Facebook.

I think it is not bad for the first try out.

There is a wide variety of templates already installed with the program they are organized in groups. Some of the groups are greeting card, calendar, scrapbook, comic and much more.
You can also download a variety of extra template like templates for Christmas, Easter, Valentines and more. You have to restart the program to see the new templates. I downloaded the Easter pack and made this. 

When you are ready with a project you can save it as image, pdf, you can make it your wallpaper or send it to Iphoto.
Direct from the picture collage maker for Mac you can share your collage(s) with email or on twitter, Facebook, message, Flickr and Airdrop. And yes you can print them too if you want.

This sample show a greeting card template for Father's day. Everything in the template can be changed even like I did the background, in this case I used a personal photo. Can you imagine taking so photos from your kids, animals, family or maybe even coins because your Dad likes them. Put them in the template and you are ready.

The possibility's with this program a huge. What about a year or month calendar to print and hang on your fridge. I made this one.

The last one I made is one that you can use to show people photos from your trip or special occasion, I picked photos I made on the ferry between Vancouver Island and Vancouver. We all know that photos can be great but seeing 200 photos is a lot with this program you can make nice collages which give people the opportunity to see a lot of you photos in once.

What about this your photo on your favourite magazine

I really love this program and will use it a lot.
Don't forget you can start with downloading a trial version. The full version for both Mac as Windows is $ 39.90

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm350db081a661525235354dd3e19b8c05

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