Saturday, 8 November 2014

Super lucky email from Saturday November 8 2014

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SuperLucky Mail™
Special Offers
(11/7-12/23) The Holiday Gift Guide at
Christmas Collection starting at $3!
Superpoints® News
Win Superpoints and discover great sites with Stumble Rewards™
You have a chance to win with every great new site that you discover. And if you submit sites for others to find, if they like it you'll get Superpoints too! But watch out, if you submit sites that enough people don't like, you won't be able to submit anymore. Give it a try today!
Want your $50 Gift Card faster? Take a Survey!
If you haven't taken a survey yet you're missing out on great points! Sometimes you don't qualify, but even then you get points too! You should take a surevy every day!
SuperLucky Button Updates
Baed on TONS of feedback, we have returned the SuperLucky Button counts back to normal. This should mean a broader distribution of winning for everyone. Enjoy!
Upgrade to Platinum!!!
Upgrade your account to a Platinum Membership and get all the immediate benefits like more clicks on the SuperLucky Button, faster reward fulfillment, and unlock ALL the rewards in each reward tier! It's only $14.95 and it's good for a whole year.
Continuing to build a better SuperPoints
Over the coming days and weeks we will be continuing to update our system environment so that we can support our growing user base. Thanks for making this possible! We'll try and give ample notice when the site is going to go down, and keep it to a minimum of time, but we do anticipate some additional downtime over the next couple weeks.

Bots - Not Allowed
We want to clarify that using a bot on Superpoints is not allowed. A bot is a program that completes human actions, like clicking on the SuperLucky Button, or waits for a sponsor to arrive and grabs it faster than a human can. We are going to begin aggressively canceling accounts that appear to have characteristics of bot traffic in the coming days (if you don't know what a bot is, this won't effect you :)

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