Friday, 21 November 2014

Superlucke email for Friday November 21 2014 Canadian Version

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Want your reward faster? Take a Survey!
If you haven't taken a survey yet you're missing out on great points! Sometimes you don't qualify, but even then you get points too! You should take a surevy every day!
Sponsorship Updates
We have changed the way sponsoring Members works. This opportunity is still only available to Platinum and Diamond members. However, we found that a few members (using bots) were spoiling the system for the rest of you, so we decided to level the playing field. Now, as people request access to Superpoints, they will be allocated to each of you in the order you signed up until everyone has received someone in their Network, after which the process will repeat. This way everyone will receive an equal number of Sponsored users in their network.
Continuing to build a better Superpoints®
Over the coming days and weeks we will be continuing to update our system environment so that we can support our growing user base. Thanks for making this possible! We'll try and give ample notice when the site is going to go down, and keep it to a minimum of time, but we do anticipate some additional downtime over the next couple weeks.

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