Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Don't Shake a Baby by Spencer James Product Review #uproar

I have never done a review like this because I think Comedy/ Stand up comedy is often so personal and sometimes very local.

Don't Shake a Baby by Spencer James has 11 tracks on it and is available via https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-shake-a%20baby/id922163322#uproar

I listened to the whole cd and I heard some nice pieces and at times it was very funny. What I missed was a video with it. It is nice to listen to the cd but for me with stand up comedians the funny things is looking at their face and at the public. I couldn't really get in to it. The quality of the cd is great with great sound.

If you like stand up comedians on CD maybe when you are driving this is something for you. I liked it and will listen to it again but this will not be on my top listen list.

Conclusion a nice cd for stand up comedian lovers if you start with this genre just like me start with some video's and if you really like it go for the cd.


I received this CD via Tomoson.com with the request to do a review.

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