Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Splash Score Great way to win prizes and giftcards

Make a Splash on Facebook. Score free Rewards!
Splashscore rewards you when your friends like and comment on your everyday Facebook posts. The more likes and comments you earn, the better your rewards.

This is how Splashscore works

What is my Splash?
Your Splash is a measure of how well you engage your friends on Facebook, and the higher the better. On Facebook, this activity from your friends is represented by the likes and comments received on your posts.
What can I do with my Splash?
Score amazing Splash Rewards from your favorite brands! Get a gift card, VIP experience, enter to win an incredible prize or try a new product!
How do you calculate my Splash?
We give points for the likes and comments you have earned on your Facebook posts. We then compare that to the amount of points you could have earned, based on the number of friends and posts you created. The more friends and posts you have, the more likes and comments you need to get have a higher Splash!
Do I lose points when I get a Reward?
Nope! The Splash needed to get a Reward is just a requirement, so once you get a reward you can keep claiming and your Splash won't change!
Why does my Splash drop?
We only score on your most recent 50 posts in the last 90 days. So your score may drop/rise depending on the new posts you make and which 'old' posts fall out of that 50-post window. If you have a really high scoring post that falls out of that window, for example, because of a post you made today that is brand new with little Likes/Comments, you will see a slight decrease in your score.
What is a good Splash?
A Splash above 100 is great - that means you can get most Splash Rewards. Some Rewards require a Splash of at least 300 or 500, so the higher the better!
How can I improve my Splash?
Get more Likes & Comments from your friends! Posting photos and tagging your friends is a great way to start. Visit your Profile to see more tips!
Why should I invite my friends to Splashscore?
Having friends in Splashscore that interact with your posts helps boost your Splash!
How often is my Splash updated?
Your Splash is updated every night! If you want to refresh your Splash without exiting the app, click the on your Splash or 'Your Splash' next to it
I have an idea for Splashscore, where can I submit it?
Great! We want to hear any idea, suggestion or question you have. Click on the green 'Have a Question?' box on the top right of your screen to start talking with one of us!

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