Friday, 9 January 2015

Superpoints Help The most asked questions and answer about Superpoints part 4

Superpoints Help The most asked questions and answer about Superpoints part 4

Today questions and answers about

Redeeming your Superpoints for Rewards

How do I choose the Reward I’m aiming for?

In Superpoints, you’re always aiming for your Reward, which is your current goal.  The rewards you can aim for are determined by your XP Level and are shown in the reward list.  You can update any available reward you’re aiming for at any time.

I have enough Superpoints for my Reward. What now?

If you have enough Superpoints to redeem your Reward you will have a “Redeem” button on your home page.  You can choose to spend your points for that reward, or you can save them for bigger and better Rewards as they’re unlocked.

If you choose to Redeem your Reward, simply click the “Redeem” button.  You will be asked to confirm that you want to spend your Superpoints for that reward and you’ll receive an email with further instructions.

Why can’t I redeem my Reward, even though I have enough Superpoints?

You must reach the Bronze Membership Level to redeem your Superpoints for Rewards.  Upgrading your Membership Level to Bronze is easy!  Simply make sure that you’ve verified your email address, and reached XP Level 3.  


Make sure you fill out your profile information completely and provide accurate information.  Inaccurate information in your profile can void your account (and your Superpoints!).

Find out more information on Membership Levels.

How long will it take to get my Reward?

The first time you Redeem it could take a couple days to verify the information you submitted.  Then you will be added to the fulfillment queue.

You can check to see when we expect to fulfill your reward at any time:

Platinum and Diamond Members are redeemed first (usually within a week), and then everyone else on a first in, first out basis based on the request date.

If you upgrade to a Platinum Membership, you will "jump the line" and have your reward redeemed with the Platinum and Diamond Members.

For some of the larger Rewards, or any reward that requires custom choices (like vacations, cars or the $2 million dream home!) one of our Reward concierges will be in touch to coordinate your delivery and timing.

Why do I have to provide my IRS W9 to receive my Reward?

The IRS requires us to report any Rewards that we provide that have a value over $600.  In some instances (at our sole discretion), we will require a W9 to release rewards that have a value under the $600 threshold.  

Why do I have to verify my identity to receive a Reward?

Occasionally (at our sole discretion) we require users to verify their identities before their Rewards are processed.  This is a random process that helps us prevent fraud.  Generally this means sending us a copy of a government issued photo id or simply signing an affidavit that says you are who you say you are and that you only have one account etc.

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