Thursday, 8 January 2015

Superpoints Help The most asked questions and answer about Superpoints part 3

Superpoints Help The most asked questions and answer about Superpoints part 3

How should I distribute my invite link?

Different members have different strategies for distributing their invite link.  The number of invites you have available is based on your Membership Level.  Some people email their link to just people they know, while other people post it on their blog, Twitter, or Facebook for anyone to join.

What is Sponsoring a Member?

Platinum and Diamond Members have the opportunity to Sponsor members.

Every Superpoints Member needs to be connected to someone to gain Membership.  Non-members that don't have an invite link from someone can request to be invited to Superpoints.  Once they complete the invite request form and validate their email address, they are put into a sponsorship queue.

People that enter the sponsorship queue are automatically sponsored by current Platinum and Diamond Members, in order, one at a time.  Once every Platinum and Diamond Member has sponsored someone, the process starts over.

Platinum and Diamond members receive Superpoints when they sponsor a new member, and also get all the benefits from the at new member like winning on the SuperLucky button when they win too.

What is my Network and why should I care?

Your Network is the collection of people that you have allowed to join Superpoints, either by referring them directly with an invite link, or sponsoring someone that submitted an invite request.

The people in your Network are very important because not only did you get Superpoints when they joined, but you also get Superpoints some of the times they get Superpoints as well.

What is my XP Level?

Almost everything you do that is related to Superpoints, like opening a SuperLucky eMail, signing into the site (once daily), clicking the SuperLucky Button, recruiting new members… gives you XP.  Your XP Level determines which rewards you can access.  “Level Up” and you’ll also get bonus Superpoints, unlock new SuperLucky Buttons, and other special bonus rewards from time to time.

The amount of XP that is awarded for each action can change from time to time, but here are some examples:

- Complete your Registration: XP 100

- Click the SuperLucky Button: XP 1

- Purchase a Custom Invite Link: XP 1000

- Verify Your Email Address: XP 100

- Open a SuperLucky Mail: XP 1

- Connect To Facebook: XP 150

- Recruit a new member (that reaches Bronze): XP 1000

- Sign in: XP 1

- Complete an Offer: 10% of the Superpoints rewarded.

- Upgrade to a Platinum Membership: XP 1000

- Complete your Profile: XP 250

- Sponsor a Member: XP 10

- Stumble Rewards Page Discovery: XP 1

How do I cancel my membership?

We'd really hate to see you go, but you can cancel your membership at any time by signing into your account and navigating to:

Then click on the Cancel Account tab.

If you choose to cancel your membership, you will forfeit any Superpoints in your balance and you will lose access to your network.

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