Saturday, 10 January 2015

Superpoints Help The most asked questions and answer about Superpoints part 5

Superpoints Help The most asked questions and answer about Superpoints part 5

Today part 5 the final help post. If you need more help please visit our Facebook page

SuperLucky Button

What is The SuperLucky Button?

The SuperLucky button is a sweepstakes where every time you click the button you have a chance to win a prize in the form of Superpoints!

The number of clicks you have available is based on your Membership Level.

If you won, you will be notified on the screen.

The full SuperLucky Button Rules are located in the Terms.

Sorry, Canadian users in Quebec are not eligible for SuperLucky Button winnings.

I won on the SuperLucky Button. Where are my points?

If you are notified on the screen that you won a prize, but your points aren't showing in your balance yet, don't worry!  There is a processor that updates the balance and sometimes it gets behind the SuperLucky Button.  Your points are stored, and your balance will be updated eventually.

Stumble Rewards

What is Stumble Rewards?

Stumble Rewards is a fun new way to discover sites submitted by our members, with the chance to win Superpoints while doing it!

Click the "Discover" button to discover a new site.

If you love the site, click the Heart.

If you don't like the site, click the Frowny Face.

By clicking the heart and frowny face, you will help us sort the sites better for your preferences.

Every time you discover a new site, you can win Superpoints.

To earn even more Superpoints, submit a site by clicking on the plus icon.

When enough people click the heart on a site you submitted, you'll get Superpoints!

BUT, if enough people click the frowny face on a site you submitted, you'll be banned from submitting sites for awhile.

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