Monday, 26 January 2015, Canada's artisan food marketplace! Signup now and receive 10 dollar of your first purchase, Canada's artisan food marketplace!

What is

Foodie Pages is a marketplace of the best Canadian artisan food products - handcrafted, unique and delicious products that you can often only find at your local farmer`s market.

If you like local Canadian Food this is the page for you.

Sorry for everybody outside of Canada but they only ship inside Canada

At this moment when you use my referral link you will receive a 10 dollar of you first purchase.

If you signup have a look at the Pixie Chicks spices, they make amazing spice rubs at this moment they sell 7 different rubs via foodiepages and I have to say I used them all and they are all amazing.
I really want to recommend the Seafood rub and amazing rub and beside using it on fish I used it most of the times for chicken and everybody loves the chicken.

Have a look on all the amazing products.

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